Bathroom renovaion in dubai

When renovating bathroom plumbing, individuals consider how much it might cost. Primex plays a crucial role in helping you reduce the cost of bathroom plumbing renovation in Dubai, offering a wide range of services to meet all your requirements for a comprehensive bathroom renovation. The following paragraphs explain the most important services offered by the Primex:

1. Install and repair sanitary ware: including sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showers, and other bathroom appliances.
We fix any plumbing issues or leaks, like dripping faucets or blocked drains.
Installing water heaters and filtration systems.
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2. Flooring and wall renovation: installing ceramic or marble tiles on both floors and walls.
Repair any cracked or scratched tiles.
Installing waterproofing to avoid water leaks.

3. Lighting and ventilation installation: Install lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.
Install windows or vents to improve the airflow in your bathroom.

4. Design and apply trendy bathroom decorations
Installing shelves, accessories, and various decorations.
Paint the bathroom walls in the proper colors.
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When upgrading a bathroom in Dubai, individuals consider the measures that must be followed. Here comes the role of Primex, which assists you with plumbing costs for bathroom renovation at the lowest costs owing to its experience, while the services supplied by bathroom renovation firms in Dubai vary Primex we provide many services such as home renovation in dubai.The following paragraphs explain the most important services offered by the Primex:

1. Planning and design: Assisting clients in choosing a bathroom design that meets their demands and fits their budget.
I am offering advice for new and functional designs.
Create 3D sketches to envision the bathroom’s final appearance.
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2. Supplies and installation: Provide all restoration materials, such as tiles, sanitary ware, and accessories.
Install all fittings precisely and efficiently.
Ensure the quality of all materials and installations.

3. Plumbing and electrical work: repair or replace damaged pipes.
We install water heaters, mixers, and other accessories.
Lighting and ventilation have been installed.

4. Construction and finishing:
Rebuild or demolish walls.
Ceramic or marble installations.
Paint the walls or hang wallpaper.
Floor installation.

5. Clean the bathroom after completing work.
Remove all rubbish.

Bathroom renovaion in dubai