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Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to transform your space

Who said having a beautiful home needed to be expensive? There are many inexpensive methods to drastically remodel your area! ServiceMarket and Kansai Paints have worked hard to provide you with cost-effective transformation ideas to rapidly improve your home! These five low-cost decorating ideas will instantly elevate any room.There are plenty of home renovation services in Dubai.

1. The feature wall

The most simple and cost-effective approach to modifying a space is to change the color of one wall to create a highlight or focal point. A feature wall can completely transform the appearance of a room without requiring any other changes. You can select from a variety of bold and brilliant colors or use textured paint to achieve a more distinctive look. If you’re not a fan of texture, you can add pops of color in small doses using color blocking, an ombre effect, or stripes or bands.

2. Bright accessories

Another simple approach to updating your area is to add brightly colored accessories like cushions, blankets, carpets, and curtains. You can update these more frequently without requiring much time or effort. Simply go to furniture stores like Home Center or IKEA and pick out some matching, inexpensive pieces. Vibrant accessories may radically transform an otherwise dreary area.

Bright Accessories

3. Brighten up old furniture

Repainting vintage furniture is another fantastic technique to create a dramatic impression. Adding a dash of color to the furniture piece can give it a fresh look and instantly liven up your area. Make sure you get the correct sort of paint for your furniture; for example, if you want to paint a wooden table, you will need to purchase wood paint to prevent the paint from chipping and ruining the furniture.

Brighten up old furniture

4. Lighting

People often overlook lighting, another crucial aspect of décor. The right lighting changes the atmosphere and unites everything else. You can experiment with different types of lighting fixtures to create a whole new atmosphere in your room.


5. Metal Accessories

Accessories are highly significant in décor and add the finishing touch to any place. If you explore around, you can find unique products at a low price. Metallic accents are trendy this year and can make your area appear rich and sophisticated. Metallic components, such as curiosities or wall plates, provide a touch of glitter and can completely modify the appearance of a room.

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home renovation in dubai